Regulations Chapter 9: Quality Assurance

The University has adopted a range of quality assurance procedures designed to ensure that its practices meet high standards and that the University’s distinctive vision is sustained.

The University’s Royal Charter constitutes its principal authority to operate and to grant degrees. In addition, the University has sought and obtained accreditation and recognition from a number of external bodies, and established validation partnerships with other universities.

The University maintains a Quality Assurance Subcommittee, which includes senior officers of the University and which is empowered at the highest level to ensure quality delivery of the University’s offerings.

Among the duties of the Quality Assurance Subcommittee are the establishment of the relationship between the University’s processes and reputable external standards. These standards include:

  • the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. The International Standardization Organization (ISO) is the only quality assurance system recognized by intergovernmental agreement between 148 different countries, and is based on the principles of stakeholder satisfaction and continual improvement through quality management systems. Many universities and similar institutions around the world have implemented the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2000 standard, and the ISO encourages institutions to adopt the standards in both self-certification and external audit processes. The ISO site may be visited here.
  • the Principles of Good Practice for Electronically Offered Academic Degree and Certificate Programs of the Western Co-operative for Educational Telecommunications, which may be read here.
  • the Professional Standards of the American Association of University Administrators, which may be read here.