Regulations Chapter 7: The Students’ Union

I. The Students’ Union of European-American University was created under section 18 of the University’s Royal Charter. The objects of the Students’ Union are: to represent the views of the Students of the University, particularly to the senior management of the University, and to organize any clubs, societies or social activities as may be desired by the Students of the University.

II. All persons who are currently students of European-American University are automatically members of the Students’ Union, excepting that a person not wishing to belong to the Students’ Union may resign from membership. In its provision of services and other matters the University shall not discriminate between students who are members of the Students’ Union and those who are non-members.

III. The members of the Students’ Union may elect a President from among their number, along with such other Officers and committees as may from time to time be necessary.

IV. The system of election and the elections themselves shall be subject to the oversight of the University, who may exercise a veto or order an election to be re-run in the event of malpractice or where the election would not represent a fair and democratic result.

V. The President of the Students’ Union shall have a right of direct representation to the Chancellor on any matter of concern to the Students’ Union.

VI. The Students’ Union shall at all times act in a manner that is politically impartial and shall represent the opinion of the student body as a whole rather than any partisan or activist group formed therefrom.